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We are happy to provide you with a clear overview of your site and any problems it may have in a free, no-obligation site report.

What we can do for you

Over the years, we've found that the charities we've worked with often have similar challenges. Here are some of the most common things we can work with you on, to help you use digital technology to improve your performance.

Cost-effective solutions

As charities typically have limited budgets, you will want a web development partner who can provide cost-effective solutions that are tailored to your needs. We work as a small team with low overheads and offer unbeatable value. Our structure means that we don't have to charge VAT which saves you money right from the start.

Easy-to-use content management system (CMS)

A user-friendly CMS is essential for charities to let you easily update your website with the latest information and and keep it current. We have experience and expertise in WordPress and Squarespace will help train you and your staff on how to keep your site relevant and fresh.

Mobile responsiveness

With an increasing number of people accessing the internet through their mobile devices, charities you want your website to be fully responsive and accessible on all devices. Google will penalise sites that aren't compliant with smaller screen sizes and we will help you avoid the penalties and boss Google.

SEO optimization

You want your website to rank well in search engines to attract more visitors and donors to your cause. Therefore, it is important that your web development partner can optimise your website for search engines and help develop a strategy for the growing an audience online.

Integration with fundraising platforms

Charities often rely on donations to fund their work, so you will want your website to be integrated with popular fundraising platforms such as JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving. This is bread and butter to us.

Personalized support

We understand you may not have dedicated IT staff, so you are likely to want a web development partner who can provide personalised support and training to help them manage their website effectively. We are quick to respond to your requests and always available to offer help and advice, even after the launch of your site.

Compliance with data protection regulations

Charities want their web development partner to ensure that their website is fully compliant with data protection regulations such as GDPR. It is imperative that Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies are clearly presented on the site and comply to regulations.

Social media integration

Charities increasingly want their websites to be integrated with their social media channels to help them reach a wider audience and promote their cause. We can pull data from your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles to bring your various channels together.

Beautiful Design

It goes without saying that we love to create fabulous designs that reflect and enhance your organisation and its brand.

We began this business because of a shared love for all things to do with design, layout, graphics, photography, typography and colour. If we dare use the word ‘passion’, then this is ours.

We are always developing ideas for presentations and how they can best reflect an organisation’s stakeholders and brand and create a great user experience for all your visitors.

This is where it all begins for us.

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