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We know it can be a bit scary, getting someone to work on your website. That's why we offer a number of simple, clearly costed products that will stop you worrying and let you get on with doing what you do.

Starter website

A simple, single page website

If you need to get a website launched quickly, cheaply and without fuss, you need our Starter website package. You get a single page website with an email address included and nothing else to pay for the first year. After that, it's only £50 a year, cheaper than most platforms. We're looking at you Squarespace. And Wix.

WordPress Management

Taking care of your website

If you’ve already got a WordPress website, you’ll know that it needs a bit of maintenance. And it’s easy to let it slip. For a monthly fee, and with no long contract, we will keep you all up to date, take backups and keep your site secure. But most of all we can free up your time and let you concentrate on the things that matter most to you.

Website migration

Moving made simple

Stuck with poor hosting or can’t get a response from your web provider? Without fuss, we will move your website to our own servers or any other hosting you like. Emails are included and it’s simple to organise. It’s hugely cost effective and will save you plenty and quickly too.

Simple Search Engine Marketing

Increase traffic without fuss

Getting your website launched can feel like it’s the end of the journey, but often it’s just the beginning. If you build it, they won’t always come. We can help you build your visitor numbers without confusing jargon or taking up loads of your time.

Website Audit

Get unbiased feedback

For a limited time only, we can prepare a free report for you on ways in which you can improve your existing site’s performance and how to fix any issues.

Fix SSL issues

What? No padlock?

If your website’s missing a padlock, it will be costing your visitors it looks bad too. It’s usually a simple issue to fix this and we can sort this out for you quickly and simply.

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